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3D Printed Dog Poop Bag Roll Holder Carrier

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Each of our 3d printed poo bag holder are crafted from PLA by us in Cambridgeshire. PLA is a bioplastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch and sugar cane.

Simply place your roll of poo bags into the holder, screw up the end and attach to you bag, pocket, belt, etc. This allows you to quickly pull a poo bag out when needed.

Each holder comes with 1 roll of Bag & Boop with 20 bags. For the full description of the poop bags, please view the listing https://custom-dog-collars.co.uk/products/bag-and-boop-compostable-dog-poo-bags

Additional poo bags can be purchase on the above link.

Our holders will fit most brands of poo bag rolls. 

Available in several colour options. 

Size of Holder Approx: H 8.3cm x W 5cm 

Price is for 1 poo bag holder with a roll of Bag & Boop eco-friendly poo bag roll with 20 bags. Each holder comes with a small matching if possible coloured carabiner.