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3D Printed Set of Matching Poo Bag Holder plus Paw Print Poo Bag Holder

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Matching Set Includes: (Save £3 buying as a set)

1x Poo Bag Paw Print Poo Bag Carrier

1x Poo Bag Holder with 1 roll of Eco-Friendly Bag & Boop poo bags (20 on a roll)

Both products come with matching carabiner where possible.

These are both crafted from PLA by us in Cambridgeshire. PLA is a bioplastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch and sugar cane.


Poo Bag Holder Approx: H 8.3cm x W 5cm 

Paw Print Poo Carrier Approx: H 7cm x W 7cm 

Additional poo bag rolls can be purchased here: https://custom-dog-collars.co.uk/products/bag-and-boop-compostable-dog-poo-bags